Attendance Matters

Points for Attending PHYS 102 Class. You get 50 points for coming to class. You lose 5 points of the 50 per missed class (until you reach "0" in the attendance category); however, you are given two excused absences for personal reasons such as illness or family emergencies. But there is the following incentive for you to attend all classes: You receive a 10-point bonus if you attend all classes, coming on time and remaining for the entire time. With the bonus, the total is then 60 points.

Making Up a Missed Class. See me if you would like to make up a missed class.

Points for Attending PHYS 122 Lab. You get 5 points for each lab if you show up. If you are sick for lab, contact me.

Official University Travel. Students who need to miss a class to travel on university-sanctioned business should see me prior to the travel date to make the necessary arrangements.

Religious Observance. Students who need to miss class for religious observance should see me at least two weeks prior to the religious holiday.

Coming Late or Leaving Early. Your attendance grade may be prorated if you are not present for the entire class. See your instructor about emergency situations.

Monitor your Attendance Grades. Check your online grade card and lab grades often to monitor your attendance grade. If a discrepancy appears, you need to notify me within one week of the class date in question.

Image Courtesy Imagine Hope Community Charter School, Tolson Campus, Washington, DC